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Dear Friend and customer,

As you can tell, we don't generally endorse products that are not The Vital Image; we are making an exception here.

caroline-1.jpgUncover the best within you! When Caroline, whom we had not seen in weeks, came to visit, we were totally astonished to see how great she was looking--she had re-sculptured and downsized her body two dress sizes; well she was transformed into a more beautiful and younger version of herself from just weeks ago.

Leah asked her, before the front door closed behind us "What have you done to yourself, how did you ever do it so fast, is it safe, is it expensive, and how can I do it too?"

“It all started after seeing Margaret.”After a good laugh Caroline said: "If you think my change was big, you won't believe Margaret's. She'll give you an even greater shock." She was a pretty big girl (over 300 lbs.) dropped over 150 lbs.! Imagine, going from a dress size 28 to a size 12--she's half the size she used to be." As of this writing we are anxious to see Margaret's (in her 50's and about 5'7") dramatic re-definition. Apparently, she has lost even more inches.

The silence has been broken, the secret is out. Margaret closed her spa after doing tens of thousands of treatments on happy clients, decided it was time to work on herself, market the product and make it available to people across the country, not just in her area in Arizona. Margaret wanted Caroline to expose her unique, perfected, proven, so successful "spa treatment system" to friends and customers, now available as a home treatment, thanks to Caroline Leah has been on the program for a few weeks and loves it.

"I had been overweight for over 20 years, so my friends could hardly believe their eyes when they saw me lose 14 dress sizes in only 6 months." --Margaret H., Arizona

Break the barrier. "My treatments have been amazing. We've been into health and fitness for years, on many diets, wraps, exercises and programs but there were always some stubborn body areas that just would not respond. Now, I see results in difficult places where you just didn't expect, my thighs are noticeably firmer and slimmer plus the treatment makes me feel healthier--this program has a unique sculpting ability. The few close friends with whom we have shared Caroline's program unanimously agree that it's a shame for you not to have a great body when this natural, safe system can do it so easily." Leah, The Vital Image.


"You never know how good you can look until you do." "My belly is almost all gone, so quickly and effortless! My mom and sisters also all gain weight around the middle--or should I say, used to, I can hardly wait to show them the new me." Maria C., Cincinnati.

The amazing thing, of course, is the speed at which this program works. It is rather remarkable to finally get a more beautiful body, no matter what your age.

"There's no need to make it any tougher on yourself to have a body you thought would be out your league" said our friend Katrine, with whom we shared this unique body sculpting system. That prompted us to tell you, our beloved customers and friends about Caroline's story (Caroline is the founder of XLvita.com.)